5 Unbelievable Tips To Boost Your Creativity Tremendously

Often, people think that creativity is something only a select few are blessed with. However, the truth is that artists, writers, and marketers aren’t the only ones who can come up with great ideas. Creativity isn’t completely an innate characteristic, but one that can be learned. Thus, with the right coaching, you can get your creative juices flowing, and come up with great ides.

Top 5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Lack of creativity can be very frustrating, especially if you work in the creative industry. If you are suffering from a creativity block, and have tried several conventional tips to no avail, the following are some surprising ways you can try to help boost your creativity. 

1. Work with Ambient Noise Levels

A surprising way to boost your creativity is by working with ambient noise levels. Unlike total silence or loud noises, ambient noise levels can help improve your thought pattern, thereby fostering creativity. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to boost your creative juices, you should consider working in places like cafés with the right ambient noise level that promotes thinking.

2. Focus on Blue or Green Images

Colors such as blue and green can enhance your performance on tasks that require creativity. This is because, in general, people tend to associate the color blue with the sky or ocean, which signals openness, and green for growth. Simply staring at a picture or an image containing both of these colors can do wonders for your creativity.

3. Exercise Your Eyes

Another way you can boost your creativity, which may surprise you, is by exercising your eyes. Moving your eyes back and forth stimulates the interaction between the left and right parts of the brain. When this occurs, it helps to boost creative thinking, which can get you out of your creative block. 

4. Get Some Sleep

As weird as it might sound, getting a good night’s sleep can in fact stimulate your creative juices. If you ever find yourself unable to come up with ideas for something you are working on, just go to bed. You will find that you wake up in the morning with great ideas for what you struggled with the night before. Sleep helps to inspire insights as well as restructures new memory representations, which means while you sleep, you unconsciously think about your project in new ways.

5. Let Loose

There is no better way to boost your creativity than playing while working. Taking a couple of minutes while working to get loose will help you think about things a lot more freely, which is great for not just creativity but productivity as well. Therefore, if you work in an environment that is a little uptight, you might want to find ways to play during working hours.

When next you find yourself struggling with your creativity, consider practicing any of these tips mentioned above. Although they may look too simple or weird to work, they have been proven to help boost productivity, and you should consider practicing them. You may also want to get the 10Ideas Creativity Journal to put down the ideas when they come pouring.